Top 5 Model Handbags Fashion Trends Fall 2014


For any brand which has been launched their new product in the four major Fashion Week, handbags will be the best way for them to establish business relationship with their customers. Since no matter any materials, nylon, leather or canvas, after more than 20 years luxury brand marketing stratedy, handbags has been become the luxury steeping stone for every woman. Every year, every luxury brand are scrambling to launch their new handbag and look forward to at least one of which become the “IT Bag”. Here, we take a list of top 5 model handbags fashion tend for Fall/winter 2014 Below. Take a view and you also can shop latest new lv bags 2014 for cheap at our site

1. Long Clutch Bag

Long Clutch Bag

Fashionable and stylish Clutch bag has been become very popular in any show or activitly and same as this season. But there is just a little different for the size, long clutch bag seems more popular this year. There are many of carry way, no matter for any way to carry your clutch bag, they also bring you a charming look in the red carpet.

2. Soft Clutch Bag

Soft Clutch Bag

Soft materials also make people like to touch, made in soft and comfortable materials, from Carven to Viktor Rolf, soft material makes the bag easy grasping, folding and squeezing pressure to highlighting the unusual texture.

3. Fashion-forward Shopping Bag

Fashion-forward Shopping Bag

Trust every women at least have one fashionable shopping bag in their clutch. And 2014 Fall/Winter Shopping bag has been made improvements by designers to make them unique.

4. Oversized Tote Bag

 Oversized Tote Bag

For those tall girls, a oversized tote bag always a perfect choice for travel. In 2014 Fall/Winter handbag fashion trend, Designers show offs some unusual bags bring some of new design.

5. Fashion Digital Package

 Fashion Digital Package

Digital accessories are 2014 winter very popular and hot products, especial for those young people.

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Shop 2014 Spring/Summer Beautiful Long Dress In A Romantic femininity


shop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressBeautiful and stylish Long Dress always work a very large proportion for woman’s wardrobe, especially in the Spring/Summer time. A charming Long dress not only bring you a exudes charm, it is also a great choice a sweetie dating with your boyfriend, or a liftlike outfit for a vacation. Here, we take a list of charming long dress for upcoming Spring/Summer 2014, enjoy it!

How can you said it is a completely fashion wardrobe if there isn’t a piece of slim fit long dress? In 2014 Spring Long Dress Collection, we will find there is a elegant dress design the lace-up located above the waist make you looks more slender. And the Beige colorway design with half a perspective effect in a elegant view. If you want to choose a unique and stylish business dress wear, then this ETRO flow print long dress will be your great choice.

Take a view of those New 2014 Long Dress and if you want to search a great handbag to match it, available large number colorful and newest lv bags cheap sale for free shipping!

Shop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long DressShop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long Dress

Shop 2014 Spring Summer Beautiful Long Dress

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The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014


MaxMara Spring 2014 Handbag

Usually, I can count on Italy to give me at least one collection of Fashion handbags per season that hits me right in the heart. The Italians know their leather, and their Fashion Week is stocked with brands as well known for their Fashion bags as they are for anything. This time around, though, Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 felt at times more like it was revisiting its greatest hits than charting new territory. I saw some new versions of existing bags that I loved, but I never got that new thing that flooded my brain with serotonin.

That’s not to say that there weren’t some accessories highlights – in fact, they were abundant. The new versions of the Fendi 2Jours were excellent, and the Prada face-painted bags are sure to become collectors’ items. Beyond that, there were lovely exotics in light colors galore, from Ferragamo to Versace. Even if the season wasn’t fully satisfying, there was plenty to love. Check out our picks for the best of the season below.

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Who The Heck Is Vivienne Westwood?


Ok, so lately the name Vivienne Westwood seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe it`s because I`ve been a total Anglophile lately – loving the style of young Brits like Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson – but for some reason I`m seeing Vivienne Westwood all over the place. The thing is, I didn`t really know anything about her or her designs, so I did a little research – because, when it comes to fashion, Eva Knox simple needs to know everything!

From Punk to Runway

When I first saw images of Vivienne all I could think of was – that is one crazy looking punk-rock witch. She looks absolutely insane. She`s sallow, pale, and nearly 70, yet she dies her hair bright red and wears the most outlandish things you can imagine – talk about eccentric! But it all made a lot more sense when I found out that she basically invented Punk Rock style – she`s the woman who dressed Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. Over the past 35 years, the woman has gone from being a counter-culture icon to being a powerful mainstream designer and one of Britain`s leading fashion figures (she was even given the Order of the British Empire, making her Dame Vivienne Westwood). Her designs were even featured in the Sex and the City movie – how mainstream is that!

Below is a picture of Vivienne with Aygness Deyn, inheritor of her British-punk-princess crown.

Vivienne`s Signature Style

But, even though Vivienne is a mainstream hit (it seem like all of Britain`s coolest young stars are wearing her designs), she hasn`t lost her edge. Her clothes, bags, and shoes are always vibrant, engaging, out-there, and (at times) volatile. But who wants fashion to be safe and tame? I love the fact that Vivienne continues to stir things up with her designs.

Check out the runway photo from her Fall/Winter collection from last year. It`s all about rich, vibrant colours, angular and irregular designs, and edgy chic. I can`t say that I`d be able to pull off any of these designs, but there`s a 20-year-old girl in me who would love to try!

Vivienne`s Best Bags

I`ve been talking about style and clothes so far. But, this is a handbag blog, right? It`s about time I talk about some bags!

Vivienne Westwood is certainly more well known for her shoes and her prêt-a-porter collections than her bags, but I think that`s about to change. Why?

1. Her bags are edgy, vibrant, urban-friendly, and simple. All of these things are totally in right now
2. Her name carries with it both fashion blog cool and street credibility
3. The Vivienne Westwood logo has all the making for iconic status – it just needs to catch on.

Here are a few of my favourite Vivienne Westwood bags (all can be found on her website). Judge for yourself.

This little Westwood Derby Bag Albion is so cute I can hardly stand it.

This Ebury Midnight Blue is a perfect example of what I was talking about both in the simplicity and in the iconic emblem. Check out that gold Westwood orb!

I love this Stripy Bow Bag. It`s cute, edgy, and displays a beautiful sense of colour.

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Forevermark Forevermark diamond statue tour press conference


The world's first diamond brand Forevermark Forevermark annual event - Forevermark Forevermark "A PROMISE MADE Share promise" Selection diamond statue tour of the night in early autumn bright staged. More than 20 more than the total value of 40,000,000 yuan startlingly ambitious model for up to 40 meters from the T stage stunning interpretation. All works are rendered diamond "promise" as a unified proposition and a source of inspiration, colorful and more unique, full of oriental philosophy in both restrained and elegant presentation, but also filled with exotic romantic masterpiece.

Forevermark Forevermark

Forevermark Forevermark

  As the industry Chuqiao from the De Beers Group (De Beers Group)'s the world's first diamond brand, Forevermark Forevermark has consistently uphold and practice the precious, rare, reliable sources of commitment to the highest quality, highest standards of diamonds presented to consumers worldwide. Since 2011 the beginning of "A PROMISE MADE Share promise" campaign, has already entered its third year. Each year the brand will select positive and very appealing known entertainers as "A PROMISE MADE sharing commitments," the ambassador, from 2011's movie star Chen number of international supermodel Liu Wen, the 2012 international movie star Tang Wei, who together with Forevermark Forevermark promise of responsibility will pass to more people, to call people the courage to take, stick to his promise. The Forevermark Forevermark "A PROMISE MADE shared commitment" series of diamond is another important component of the project part of this very special significance not only by Chinese design theme of many famous jewelers, jewelery processors, as well as top international diamond trader recognition, but also suffer from internationally renowned jewelry / fashion designer fans, so that every year, "A PROMISE MADE shared commitment" series diamond works are amazing, stunning in every one startlingly ambitious in the At the same time, but also on "commitment" has the meaning of a deep understanding of a different kind. And each year Forevermark Forevermark "A PROMISE MADE Share promise" selection will not only become diamond statue reward diamond industry, fashion and media circles annual event, but the moment has become the leading diamond popular benchmark and numerous Forevermark Forevermark brand those who sought the annual expectations.

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