Jourdan Dunn stars in Liu Jo Blue Denim fall-winter 2016 catalogJourdan Dunn stars in Liu Jo Blue Denim fall-winter 2016 catalog

Fresh off of appearing in the #StrongTogether campaign, Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn relink once again for Liu Jo’s fall-winter 2016 Blue Denim catalog. Photographed in black and white, the pair wear standout jeans trends. From distressed denim to slim-fit silhouettes to embroidered styles, Karlie and Jourdan flaunt their supermodel legs in the catalog. See more images below and watch Karlie in motion!

Karlie Kloss stars in Liu Jo Blue Denim fall-winter 2016 catalogKarlie Kloss stars in Liu Jo Blue Denim fall-winter 2016 catalogJourdan Dunn poses in long-sleeve blouse with ripped denimJourdan Dunn poses in long-sleeve blouse with ripped denimKarlie Kloss wears denim jumpsuit for Liu Jo's fall-winter 2016 catalogKarlie Kloss wears denim jumpsuit for Liu Jo’s fall-winter 2016 catalog
Karlie Kloss poses in camisole top, denim jacket and flared jeans from Liu JoKarlie Kloss poses in camisole top, denim jacket and flared jeans from Liu JoJourdan Dunn sports leather jacket and embellished denim from Liu JoJourdan Dunn sports leather jacket and embellished denim from Liu JoKarlie Kloss poses for Liu Jo, modeling sweater and slim fit denim with ankle bootsKarlie Kloss poses for Liu Jo, modeling sweater and slim fit denim with ankle boots

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J. Crew Fatigue Shirt, Rome Destination Art T-Shirt, Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Colorful Brushstroke Print and Avery Heels in Tweed

J. Crew Fatigue Shirt, Rome Destination Art T-Shirt, Double-Pleated Midi Skirt in Colorful Brushstroke Print and Avery Heels in Tweed

Summer is winding down, and J. Crew has just the looks to get you through the end of the season with its August 2016 style guide. Starring model Andreea Diaconu, the fashion shoot heads to the beach for a day of sun and style. Those basic essentials including casual t-shirts and shorts are elevated with sparkling jewelry and dynamic prints.

J. Crew Sun-Safe Bucket Hat, Gathered Popover in Two-Tone Gingham, Teddie Pant, Crystal Blossom Necklace and Lucite Link Necklace

J. Crew Sun-Safe Bucket Hat, Gathered Popover in Two-Tone Gingham, Teddie Pant,Crystal Blossom Necklace and Lucite Link NecklaceJ. Crew Collection Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Colorful Brushstroke Print

J. Crew Collection Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Colorful Brushstroke Print

J. Crew Perfect Shirt with Bee Embellishment, Easy Short in Fern Print, Signet Bag in Italian Leather and Sam Sunglasses

J. Crew Perfect Shirt with Bee Embellishment, Easy Short in Fern Print, Signet Bag in Italian Leather and Sam SunglassesJ. Crew Tie-Neck Secretary Top in Retro Chainlink, Cropped Wide-Leg Pant in Linen Cotton and Regent Blazer (worn around waist)

J. Crew Tie-Neck Secretary Top in Retro Chainlink, Cropped Wide-Leg Pant in Linen Cotton and Regent Blazer (worn around waist)J. Crew Ruffle Top in Colorful Brushstroke, Faux-Leather Pleated Mini Skirt and Denim Jacket in Tyler Wash

J. Crew Ruffle Top in Colorful Brushstroke, Faux-Leather Pleated Mini Skirt andDenim Jacket in Tyler Wash

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Top 8 Chic Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own


Ain’t it funny how time slips away? Summer is gradually coming to an end and that’s a bitter pill to swallow for many of us out there. But there is a double-edged sword in anything. Feeling disheartened at this moment about being deprived of warm sunrays soon, there is consolation prize ahead of us though. And the name of the game is the awesome fall fashion moments. No matter how much summerphile you are, just accept it that no other season can bring such elegant and chic fashion moments than the cozy and rust-colored fall. And here we want to provide you with the top 8 fall 2016 outerwear must-haves every woman should own.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own

The name of Andrew Marc is closely associated with outerwear crafted out of such luxury materials as leather, fur, down and wool. This 30-year-old New York based cosmopolitan brand has developed over years with a concept in mind never to dash hopes of even a single woman. That’s why whether you are a badass biker girl or an elegant lady always in good shape or maybe a typical city slicker, you are likely to have a blast with Andrew Marc.

Most importantly, unlike other luxury outerwear pieces that usually cost you an arm and a leg, Andrew Marc promises budget-friendly luxury and comfort all the cold season long. Browse through our list of the best fall 2016 outerwear picks from Andrew Marc and waste no time to invest in your drop-dead gorgeous autumnal looks! Spoiler alert – all these fall buys are versatile and timeless staples you’ll enjoy wearing many more years to come!

1. Selena Biker-Chic Leather Jacket

When we state that Andrew Marc can charm even a badass biker girl, we literally mean it. This gorgeous black lambskin Selena jacket with exposed zippers and ripped padding at the shoulders priced at just $398 will look equally chic whether you are riding a motorcycle or just meandering through the city streets.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Leather Biker Jacket

2. Cognac-Flavored Suede Sienna Coat

Need your fall coat seem like smelling bitter cognac? There is no better choice than this cognac brown Sienna coat in exquisite suede with contrast leather pieces at the lapels.Available at Andrew Marc, this belted wrap coat is to flatter your complexion in a heartbeat on almost any occasion.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Suede Coat

3. Rain-Worthy Tess Puffer Coat

If you invest in this puffer coat crafted out of water-repellent fabric, rainy days might truly become that long-awaited period to show off your flair for style. Available in red, black and white shades at Andrew Marc, this coat with quilted texture filled with down and a hood trimmed with faux fur is sure to carry you through long rainy days. What’s more, puffer jackets are fall’s ultimate trend!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Puffer Jacket

4. Matte Finished Nappalan Jacket

When your heart is set on playing versatility, no doubt, go with this cool goat Nappalan fall outerwear piece with a matte finish and exposed zippers. Available in moss green and black shades, the jacket will make some pretty good assemblage whether with your tomboy look or ultra feminine visage. Buy yours here!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Nappalan Jacket

5. Utilitarian Style Devyn Parka

Once you try on this strong Italian wool twill parka in a chic graphite shade, you just can’t help but look like a strong-willed woman ready to overcome the worst of life’s hardships. The flap pockets are meant to keep hands warm, while the fox fur trim adds some extra strength and chic. And one reminder: shake your legs to buy this parka with 63% off!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Parka Coat

6. That Piss-Elegant Ivory Coat

Whenever ivory is around, elegance starts playing with all its colors. Here is that wool swingcoat from Andrew Marc in ivory with a fur coyote trimmed hood that just screams to make you the piss-elegant lady of the upcoming fall 2016 season.

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Hooded Coat

7. Super Versatile Miranda Parka

Need a single outerwear piece to provide you with several different looks throughout fall 2016? This super versatile Miranda parka from Andrew Marc is here to stay. The outer layer water-repellent cotton will function best for long rainy days, protecting your hair as well through the removable fox fur-trimmed hood.

Want a more lightweight look for the breezy weather? Just get rid of the hood. Need a softer chic visage? The rabbit fur liner can be worn alone as a super comfy vest. Head to Andrew Marc and acquire the whole set of tools to play with style!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Long Parka

8. Warm Courtney Alpaca Coat

If your body just can’t stand any cold, here is a perfect solution for you. This snow white alpaca coat of a cocoon silhouette promises to keep you warm all day long and to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug. Hurry to buy this body candy with 61% off and make your fall 2016 the warmest period ever!

Fall 2016 Outerwear Must-Haves Every Woman Should Own: Andrew Marc Alpaca Coat

Article sponsored by Andrew Marc

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Club Monaco Elizabella dress, $229, available at Club MonacoClub Monaco Elizabella dress,  available at Club Monaco

I'm apparently on a long-dress kick these days, the latest of which comes from a recent trip to Club Monaco, during which I was shocked by two things: how much I wanted everything, and how expensive it all was. The Ralph Lauren-owned retailer has significantly elevated its offering, and with better design has come much higher prices.

Despite the sticker shock, I couldn't not take home this floral slip dress. It's comfortable, flattering, easy to dress up or down, and looks notably fancier than any '90s-inspired style you might find on the high street right now, thanks to its silk fabric and chic silhouette. There's also something about the weight of the fabric, the cut and the black trim that keeps it from looking like an actual slip or nightgown, even though it's totally as comfortable as one. And as a short person, I'm also pretty fond of the adjustable straps.

I'll probably start layering it over T-shirts and turtlenecks as it gets cooler, but I feel a little silly wearing florals in the winter. If the brand decided to make a solid black or grey version of this, though, I'd probably give it even more of my hard-earned money. Sigh.

Club Monaco Elizabella dress, available at Club Monaco

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Jason Wu x Caudalie Beauty Elixir Available at Sephora


When the fashion and beauty worlds collide, we know we are in for a treat. This time around, it’s Jason Wu’s turn to show his amazing skills when it comes to the enchanting cosmetics industry, as he has teamed up with Mathilde Thomas of Caudalie to launch a limited edition beauty spray. Already available for purchase at Sephora, the Jason Wu for Caudalie Beauty Elixir is actually Caudalie’s famous Beauty Elixir spray relaunched with a special design à la Jason Wu.

Jason Wu x Caudalie Beauty Elixir Available at Sephora

Jason Wu knows how to dress women to bring out their best assets and make them feel elegant and comfortable in their own skin. For this unique collaboration, he has dressed the bottle in his signature meticulous lace design to give the Beauty Elixir that high-end, luxurious feel that it actually conveys despite being such a simple product.

The lace pattern is completely hand-crafted taken from Jason Wu’s spring/summer 2016 collection, while the gold top symbolizes Wu’s It-bag Diane Bag. Together they manage to wrap up the simple bottle with modern femininity and refinement, which characterize both the brands.

Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir was originally launched in 1997, mimicking the elixir of youth the Queen of Hungary used in the sixteenth century. Perfect for any skin type, it’s a luxurious toning mist that closes enlarged pores, sets the makeup and fights the uneven texture and dullness of the skin, giving it an instant glow.

Jason Wu x Caudalie Beauty Elixir Available at Sephora

The Jason Wu for Caudalie Beauty Elixir is the perfect hydrating mist formulated with essential oils of rosemary energize, benzoin that has skin-soothing properties, toning myrrh, lemon balm, peppermint, skin-softening orange blossom, radiance-boosting rose and moisturizing grape pulp extract. You need to shake this unique cocktail before applying it to your skin.

If you have been searching for that special beauty technique used backstage during runway shows that gives the models’ skin that burst of radiance, you have already found it! The Jason Wu for Caudalie Beauty Elixir is used by professional makeup artists during the runway shows between the foundation and powder application to set the makeup, while celebrities love to carry it around and spray it on their faces multiple times a day to smooth and refresh the skin.

Apply it in the morning and evening after cleansing to get rid of enraged pores, before using serum or moisturizer on your skin. For a pleasant cooling effect, you can keep it in the refrigerator before application.

Jason Wu himself is a big fan of the Caudalie brand and a loyal customer at their Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza. Naturally, Mathilde and Jason became good friends and decided to partner on something special, and what other way to do this then bringing back the iconic Beauty Elixir that has won the hearts of so many celebrities, professional makeup artists and models?

Jason Wu x Caudalie Beauty Elixir Available at Sephora

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Class to Night Out: Oversized Denim Jacket


long denim jacket collage

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The oversized denim jacket has been around the fashion block many times and seems to be taking yet another stroll. From two-sizes-too-big styles to denim dusters, this '90s throwback trend ranges in length and size and is easy to tailor to your aesthetic. 

Fair warning: the longer the denim jacket is, the heftier the price tag. To keep this post college budget-appropriate, I focused on a simple oversized denim jacket in a classic medium wash. Read on to learn how to style it.

Long Denim Jacket: Class

School is back in session and for some that means the early morning grind has also made its comeback. Save yourself the morning "what do I wear?" scramble and stick to a simple ensemble comprised of neutrals. 

This outfit is relaxed and easy but still has a classy feel to it. Throw your jacket over an olive green tee and some loose shorts, then grab a go-with-everything tote and don neutral sandals. You’ll be ready to take on whatever life throws at you, including that 8 AM lecture.

long denim jacket class

Products: Jacket, Tee, Shorts, Sandals, Tote

Long Denim Jacket: Night Out

I love mixing a few fashion trends at once and this look does just that. For night, the denim jacket looks great paired with the slip-dress-and-white-tee trend. Add studded sandals and a tasseled clutch for a fall-perfect look.

Everyone knows the Coco Chanel quote “Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” Today, however, we are ignoring Coco's advice. This outfit is ideal for pairing withplenty of jewelry. I added a few rings and a bracelet, but you could layer on even more to amp up the glamour.

long denim jacket night

Products: Jacket, Tee Dress, Heels, Purse, Rings, Bracelet

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